Bianchi: “Never so much money for school, now more nursery schools”

The 17.59 billion of the NRP will be spent on “new schools and the upgrading of existing ones” the minister said in an interview with Repubblica. And he explains: “In November the tenders for the first 5 billion will be launched”

Invest in school environments, make them safe and create “more laboratories” and “classrooms in

able to adapt to different needs “. Then” to allow children from all over the country to have the same opportunities to combat dispersion “and” increase nursery schools “. This is the program of the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi who in an interview to Repubblica he said: “There has never been so much money for school”.

“Pnrr funds for new schools and upgrading of existing ones”

Asked about how the 17.59 billion euros will be spent on the NRP, Bianchi replies: “New schools and upgrading of existing ones”, “in November the calls for the first 5 billion will start”. The funds of the Pnrr will be spent starting from the “spaces, new schools and upgrading of existing ones. The Municipalities and Provinces will do them with the support of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and the Agency for Cohesion. We have the opportunity to go beyond the concept of classrooms. , very long corridors and closed doors to focus on laboratories, gyms and canteens. Calls for the first 5 billion will start in November “. In 5 years, Bianchi assures, “there will be more nursery schools, to allow all children to have the same opportunities even before primary school”.

“We will strengthen the guidance role of middle schools”

“If we will carry out a reform of the middle school? The role of orientation towards high school should be strengthened where the choice of technical and professional institutes will be made more qualifying also with the reform we are approving. These schools will be increasingly linked to the territory to immediately insert you into the world of work “, he replies. When asked what he will say at COP26 in Glasgow next week, Bianchi replies: “We can do it to reverse the trend of climate change. To find different ways of living together, to restore equality as a fundamental parameter of society. We can do it. also do because we have to show our children that we are capable of doing it “.