Biden collapses in the polls, alarm one year before the 2024 US elections

The president loses 11 points in a month

The approval rating for US President Joe Biden among Democrats is at historic lows. In fact, according to what emerges from a poll conducted by Gallup, Biden has lost eleven points in a month with the 2024 US presidential elections one year away. Which means that 75 percent of Democratic respondents approve of the job that Biden is doing as president . Among independents, only 35 percent said they appreciated the American president’s work. The consensus of the Republicans remained unchanged, confirming itself at 5 percent.

The Gallup poll, released two weeks after Hamas’ attack on Israel, reveals that Biden has also seen his overall approval rating drop to 37%.

Unemployment data

For the week ending October 21, U.S. initial jobless claims totaled 210,000, an increase of 10,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The four-week moving average was 207,500, an increase of 1,250 from the previous week’s average. This is what emerges from the data released today by the US Department of Labor.

The overall number of continuing claims for unemployment benefits for the week ending October 7 was 1,566,404, a decrease of 12,941 from the previous week.