Biden doctors: “He’s fine, he can successfully perform president duties”

The White House chief of physicians makes public the results of the checkup that the president, who turns 79 today, did yesterday in a military hospital in Washington

“President Biden is a healthy and vigorous 78-year-old man who can successfully perform presidential and commander-in-chief duties.” This is what Kevin O’Connor, the president’s personal doctor, wrote in the long report of the complete medical checkup carried out yesterday by Biden who actually turns 79 today.

During the checkup, which took place yesterday at Walter Reed, the military hospital that traditionally cares for presidents, Biden underwent a colonoscopy, for which he had to undergo total anesthesia. For the time he was unconscious, Biden transferred his powers to Kamala Harris who was the first female president of the United States for 85 minutes.

After the checkup, Biden told reporters he was feeling “great”. “I can’t wait to celebrate my 58th birthday,” he joked then referring to today’s birthday. Biden is the oldest president ever to come to the White House, and in recent days a poll was published stating that fears about his physical and mental health are growing among voters. Concerns that, according to White House spokesperson Jen Psaki, are fueled by “conspiracy theses carried out on social media and also by politicians”.