Biden in Israel: “100 million aid to Gaza. Hospital massacre blamed on Hamas”

The US president in Tel Aviv. There is Israel’s approval for humanitarian aid from Egypt to Gaza

$100 million in new US funding is on the way for humanitarian assistance in both Gaza and the West Bank. This was announced by American President Joe Biden during his visit to Tel Aviv. Solidarity visit to Israel for the ongoing clashes with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. “This funding will support more than one million displaced Palestinians affected by the conflict, including emergency needs in Gaza,” he said, adding: “Let me be clear, if Hamas diverts or steals aid, it will have demonstrated once again that it has no no interest in the well-being of the Palestinian people,” he added.

“This week I will ask Congress for an unprecedented support package for Israel’s defense,” the US president declared again. “For decades we have ensured Israel’s military advantage,” he continued, specifying that the US has “moved military resources into the region” and will keep the Iron Dome anti-missile system “fully stocked.”

“The world will know that Israel is stronger than ever,” the president added, underlining that “my message to any hostile state or actor thinking of attacking Israel remains the same as it was a week ago: don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it.”

“Hospital massacre? It’s Hamas’s fault”

Biden also spoke about the attack on the hospital in Gaza, in which almost 500 people lost their lives, saying that the fault lies with the “other team” and not with the Israelis based on Pentagon data, “The data was given to me shown by the Department of Defense”, clarified the American president when a journalist asked him why he was sure that Israel had nothing to do with the massacre.

Hamas blames Israel for the attack last night. But the Israeli military says the building was hit by a malfunctioning rocket fired by Islamic Jihad and has released videos and recordings as evidence.

“Israel ok for humanitarian aid from Egypt to Gaza”

“I have asked the Israeli government to accept the provision of humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza, on the understanding that there will be inspections and that the aid must go to civilians and not to Hamas. Israel has agreed that assistance can begin from Egypt to Gaza,” Biden declared again.

Request accepted by Israel. In a note, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “in light of the American president’s request, Israel will not hinder humanitarian supplies from Egypt, as long as it is only food, water and medicine for the civilian population which is in the southern Gaza Strip or moving there, and as long as these supplies do not reach Hamas. Any supplies reaching Hamas will be impeded.”

“In light of the vital and overwhelming American support for the war effort and in light of President Biden’s request for basic humanitarian aid, the Prime Minister’s Office also advises of the decision “not to allow the passage of any humanitarian aid from Israeli territory to the Gaza Strip until the hostages are returned.”

“Israel does not make the same mistakes as us after September 11th”

Biden also stated that the Hamas attack on October 7 was equivalent to fifteen attacks on September 11. However, he warned Israel against making the same mistakes the United States made after 2001, when anger over the incident affected Washington’s strategies. “While we saw justice and got it, we made mistakes,” Biden recalled.

“I understand Israel’s anger, but don’t let it consume you,” he added.