Biden insulted on the live phone, what happened

The president offended with a code sentence: he doesn’t notice, his wife (maybe) yes

Joe Biden insulted live with a code sentence. The president of the United States, in the company of his wife Jill, has traditionally answered some phone calls on the line made available by Norad, the aerospace defense command that – like every year – follows the virtual journey of Santa Claus. Biden spoke on the phone with some children and then with the father of some of them.

The man, who identified himself as Jared, used the phrase “Let’s go Brandon!”, Which is used by Donald Trump supporters to insult the current president. Biden replied with the words “I agree”, probably without immediately understanding the meaning of the sentence uttered by the interlocutor. His wife Jill, on the other hand, judging by the reaction, caught the detail. The phrase ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ became popular in an anti-Biden feature after an episode that took place on a Nascar race track and popularized by a TV interview with Brandon Brown in early October. The driver, fresh winner on the Talladega circuit, was interviewed while the chorus ‘fuck Joe Biden’ rose from the stands, a clear insult to the president. For the reporter who spoke to the pilot, however, the fans were shouting ‘Let’s go Brandon’: for 2 months, therefore, inciting Brandon is equivalent to insulting the president.