Biden invites Taiwan to summit democracies, China furious: “It’s a mistake”

The Chinese government does not hide its anger at the fact that Taiwan is among the 110 countries invited to the ‘Democracy summit “that the White House will host virtually on December 9 and 10. Beijing is not on the list, along with Russia, Turkey, Egypt Excluding one member of the EU, Hungary.

“An error”. Thus the Chinese government does not hide its anger at the fact that Joe Biden has invited Taiwan to be part of the group of 110 countries, which do not include China and Russia, which will participate in the summit of democracies on 9 and 10 December. Taiwan Affairs Bureau spokesman Zhu Fenglian said Beijing opposes “any official iteration between the United States and the Chinese Taiwan region.”

“This position is clear and consistent. We ask the United States to abide by the One China principle and the three joint communiqués,” he added, referring to the principle by which the United States recognizes China’s claims on Taiwan as its own province, without however support them.

Since taking office Biden has reiterated support for this principle, according to which Washington officially recognizes Beijing but not Tapei, but also that the United States “opposes unilateral efforts to change the status quo or undermine peace and stability in the country. Taiwan Strait “.

A spokesperson for the Taiwanese presidency office thanked Biden for the invitation to the summit, saying it will be “a force for good in international society”. “Taiwan will collaborate strongly with countries that have the same principles to protect universal values ​​such as freedom, democracy and human rights – said spokesman Xavier Chang – and also to safeguard peace, stability and regional development”.

In the list of participants at the summit, released by the State Department, there are, in addition to that of China and Russia, other excellent absences, such as that of US allies such as Egypt and Turkey, also members of NATO. On the other hand, only two countries from the Middle East, Israel and Iraq, are invited. As for Europe, the failure to invite a member of the EU such as Hungary, whose premier Viktor Orban is a supporter of “illiberal democracy”, stands out.

The virtual summit, explained by the State Department, will focus on three principles, “the defense against authoritarianism, the fight against corruption and the promotion of respect for human rights”. In addition to global leaders, President Biden intends to bring together representatives from the private sector and civil society to discuss “concrete commitments” on this program. In fact, the White House plans to host a second summit in about a year, this time in attendance, to “take stock of the progress made and establish how to proceed”.