Biden, open letter against Big Tech: a bipartisan law is needed

The President of the USA calls for a solution against the excessive power of Apple, Google, Meta, TikTok and Amazon

US President Joe Biden signed an editorial in the Wall Street Journal inviting Republicans and Democrats to unite against Big Tech. The first point that worries Biden is “how companies collect, share and store users’ personal data”. Furthermore, Biden says he is concerned by how Big Tech polarizes and extremizes opinion in the country, as well as limiting the national economy. The President argues that now more than ever a bipartisan law is needed to curb the overwhelming power of technology companies: one of the proposed solutions is to create federal regulation that establishes how data is stored, in order to guarantee the level maximum privacy for citizens and not expose them to dangers. Another problem is that of unfair competition. “When tech platforms get too big, many find ways to promote their products to the exclusion of those of their competitors, or make competitors spend a fortune to appear on their platforms,” Biden writes. “The next generation of great American companies must be able to thrive without the burdens and limitations posed by those who are more powerful.”