Biden: “Putin doesn’t scare us”. Sullivan: “No threat of imminent use of the atomic bomb”

The tones of the clash between Russia and the West rise in a worrying way, on the day in which Vladimir Putin affixed the signature that has, in fact, ratified the annexation of the four Ukrainian regions to Moscow. Washington’s response to the threat from the Russian president (READ THE FULL SPEECH) from Washington, with Joe Biden who, during the Italian evening, thundered: “The US will not be intimidated by Putin, his threats or the farce that organized this morning “.

“We will never recognize those territories as Russians”

The White House tenant, who earlier in the morning had spoken of a “fraudulent operation” in connection with the annexation, reiterated that the United States “will never recognize the territories as Russia”. “We are prepared to defend every inch of NATO,” Biden added, implicitly accusing Moscow of the alleged sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. “The gas leaks from Nord Stream were caused by a deliberate attack. What Putin says are just lies.”

“We do not see threats about the use of nuclear weapons at the moment”

The American National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, tried to throw water on the fire in a press briefing at the White House. “We don’t see any imminent threats about Moscow’s use of nuclear weapons at the moment,” he said, “but we continue to monitor the situation very seriously.” In any case, Sullivan added, “the American military in Europe is ready for any eventuality”.