Biden: “Trump ready to sacrifice democracy for power, embraces violence”

Joe Biden returns to attack Donald Trump for his role in the assault on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, on the eve of its third anniversary: ​​“His lies brought a mob to Washington. He promised he would be wild and he was. He told the crowd to fight like the damned and all hell broke loose.” The current occupant of the White House, at his first rally of 2024 – at the historic Valley Forge near Philadelphia, home of George’s Army headquarters Washington in the American Revolution – then accuses his opponent, favorite in the next presidential election, of being “ready to sacrifice our democracy to return to power”. And he takes on the “sacred commitment” to defend the “preservation of American democracy”. because, he says, what is at stake is “democracy, your freedom” and “the alternative to democracy is dictatorship”.

“Trump uses Nazi rhetoric”

Accusing Trump of using “the rhetoric of Nazi Germany”, Biden defined the tycoon’s actions as “among the worst dereliction of duty by a president in US history”. And again: “Trump will not do what an American president should do. Yes refuse to denounce political violence. Political violence is never, ever acceptable in the United States, it has no place in a democracy, you cannot be pro-insurrectionist and pro-American.” For Biden, “Trump and his Maga supporters not only embrace political violence, they laugh at it.”