Biden turns 79, White House announces annual check-up

In recent days, a poll has shown that American voters are growing doubts about the physical and mental health of the oldest president that America has ever had.

On the eve of his 79th birthday, Joe Biden today will go to Walter Reed Medical Center, the American military hospital where American presidents are traditionally treated, for his annual check-up. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced today, assuring reporters that more details will be provided later.

The White House said in May that Biden, who provided his latest health report in December 2019, signed by his personal physician, Kevin O’Connor, now the presidential chief physician, would undergo new medical checks by the end of the year. And today’s visit comes after a poll was published in recent days on the growing doubts of voters about the physical and mental health of the oldest president in the history of America who will turn 79 tomorrow.

The poll, published by Politico, in addition to confirming that the president’s popularity has dropped to historic lows, with an approval rate of 44% and a disapproval of 53%, indicates that only 40% of voters believe the president “enjoys good health “, against 50% who do not believe it. And that 48% do not consider him mentally suitable against 46% who instead believe in his mental clarity.

Democratic strategists responded to these numbers, stating that “in general those believing these things are Trump supporters or people exposed to the far right’s disinformation machine,” referring to the fact that former President Trump, who is 75 years old. , made Biden’s age and lack of clarity, whom he nicknamed “Sleepy Joe”, one of the cornerstones of his failed campaign for re-election.

During the election campaign, Trump also attacked Biden for the excessive precautions taken against Covid, making fun of him for first giving up on events in attendance and then always walking around with a mask.

Last November Biden broke his foot playing with the dog, but since taking office in the White House he has had no health problems. Biden down last September underwent the third dose of Covid vaccine in front of the cameras, while strict protocols are adopted at the White House with the obligation of vaccine for all employees and screening tests for collaborators and journalists who approach. to the president.