Biden: ‘We will forever rid the world of nuclear weapons’

US President Joe Biden has promised to fight for a world free from nuclear weapons in the message written in the Honor Book of the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, dedicated to the victims of the first atomic bomb dropped in 1945 by the US. “May the stories of this museum remind us of all our obligations to build a future of peace,” wrote Biden after the visit he made yesterday with the other G7 leaders, at the opening of the summit. “Together we continue to make progress towards the day when we can finally and forever rid the world of nuclear weapons,” added Biden, according to the Tokyo government.

The sanctions for Russia

“Along with my G7 colleagues, we have imposed on Russia (WAR ON UKRAINE, LIVBLOG) the largest set of sanctions and export control actions ever imposed on a major economy. Today we are taking further action, disrupting the of Russia to source inputs for its war by closing evasion loopholes, limiting their access to the international financial system and reducing dependence on Russian energy.” The President of the United States, Joe Biden writes it on social media.