Biden wins South Carolina primary and attacks Trump

The president wins the state’s 55 delegates: “We must stop extremist and dangerous voices led by Trump”

“The people of South Carolina have made their voices heard again, and I have no doubt that you have blazed a trail to win the presidency again, and again prove that Donald Trump is a loser.” As Joe Biden after sweeping the primaries in the Southern statethe first official ones in which he wanted to participate to give a strong signal to the African-American electorate.

According to NBCnews projections, with over 60% of the ballots counted, the US president obtained 96% of the votes of Democratic voters, with Minnesota congressman Dean Phillips and writer Marianne Williamson both obtaining 2%. The president thus wins the state’s 55 delegates.

Biden has tried to mobilize the Democratic base ahead of the November vote, taking it for granted that Trump will be his opponent again. “The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher. There are extremist and dangerous voices at work in the country, led by Donald Trump, who are determined to divide our country and take us back. We cannot allow this to happen,” she said.

Recalling that in the 2020 primaries, his victory in South Carolina, after the unconvincing results in the previous primaries, boosted his nomination, the president then urged his voters to “keep moving forward, to finish what we have started, together”.

In the previous primaries in New Hampshire, Biden had not officially participated, after the Democrats of the state had rebelled against the new calendar, wanted by the president, to put South Carolina and Nevada at the beginning of the primary race as a sign of recognition of the African-American and Hispanic voters. However, Biden also won in New Hampshire, because the voters had handwritten his name on the ballot paper.