Big Brother 2023, Beatrice Luzzi in tears: “I’m afraid of having disappointed my children” – Video

Then the meeting in the studio with them: “Mom you don’t have to be sad, we are proud of you”

“I’m only sorry for my children, who saw me so… attacked… and now.” Beatrice Luzzi expresses a great fear of hers: that of having disappointed her children after an argument inside the Big Brother house. “I don’t understand why it comes off as hypocritical,” she says, speaking of an “unjust pillory.” “Your children know who you are”, Letizia tells her, hugging her.

During the episode aired yesterday, Monday 25 September 2023, Beatrice was able to see her children who told her not to worry about them and that they are proud of her. “You don’t have to be sad,” they told her again.

Who is Beatrice Luzzi

Beatrice Luzzi is an actress and director. Her notoriety came with the successful soap Vivere, in which she played the young and unscrupulous stylist Eva Bonelli. He then acts in many other series, including: Don Matteo 4, Suspicions 3, Call Center, Giorni Da Leone 2, Provaci Ancora Prof 3, Medici Miei, I Cesaroni, Rex, L’allieva, Solo Per Amore, Un Posto To the Sun.

Born in 1970, over the years she has also worked a lot in the theater bringing monologues of civil commitment, but she is also a television writer. She graduated in Political Sciences, she is a communication expert and consultant for private and public bodies in the cultural sector. She has two children.

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