Big Brother 2023, Heidi leaves the House: new entries, what happened

In yesterday’s episode, the 26-year-old clarified with Massimilano Varrese after the meeting with her father

For personal reasons Heidi Baci has left the Big Brother 2023 house. After the strong words of her father Genti, the 26-year-old clarified herself with Massimiliano Varrese. “You are not a violent man, the attraction was there, I was fascinated by you but now let’s put an end to it. We are different people, for me it ends here”, said Heidi during the confrontation with Massimilano. “For me too” was the reply from him who didn’t want to say anything else: “I think the best word from me now is silence. What happened this evening is very serious”, added the 47-year-old who preferred say no more and stress that he learned “a great lesson.” After the clarification the girl’s tears she decided to go out.

What Heidi’s father said

“You seem like a different person to me. I couldn’t stand the fact that you didn’t put a wall between a person who pushes you, who put you under stress, who is bigger than you and who ruined this game for you. Mom doesn’t He looks at you anymore. I don’t allow anyone to treat my daughter badly, I don’t allow anyone to trample on your dignity,” Heidi’s father said. “Her statements are strong,” said Alfonso Signorini, adding: “Massimiliano never treated her badly or used violence.”

Twenty-six years old, born in Vasto (Chieti) to parents of Bosnian-Albanian origins, Heidi grew up in Pescara. Since she was a teenager she has had the desire to abandon the province, so after high school she moved to Milan where she began working as a model and then began managing a snack bar. She’s a big fan of GF, as a child she did “simultaneous translation” for her grandparents in Albanian.

In recent days the complicity between Massimiliano and Heidi Baci had appeared palpable, but at the same time Massimiliano’s jealousy for Vittorio Menozzi had also grown.

New competitors in the House

Meanwhile, two new competitors have arrived in the CSA. Giampiero Mughini, 82 years old, but no one would say it. He is the biggest competitor, but his experience will give the company many surprises. Getting involved is his prerogative: “I can’t imagine myself leaving my home and my partner, my children and reading the newspapers in the morning. I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive you” jokes the competitor. He is not afraid to interact with others, but he admits that he needs to find a version of himself, a Mughini who can bond with the rest of the housemates.

Jill Cooper, the so-called queen of fitness, also entered, ready to entertain her companions with energetic workouts. Determined, spontaneous and full of energy, the woman says she wanted to undertake this adventure to have fun and entertain all those who decide to be by her side. “I’m excited,” she said.

Finally Mirko Brunetti, the protagonist of the latest edition of Temptation Island, was welcomed by all the women of the reality show, some of whom had seen him in the docu-reality show.

The new nominations

The next televoting, which will close on Thursday 19 October, will determine the elimination of a woman from Big Brother. Four competitors in the televoting: Rosy, Grecia, Samira and Valentina.