Big Brother 2023, today 25 September fifth episode: the first eliminated, previews

In prime time on Canale5. There are five nominated contestants

The fifth episode of Big Brother 2023 will be broadcast today, Monday 25 September. The evening will see the elimination of one of the contestants among those nominated during last Thursday’s episode. The appointment is at 9.20pm on Canale 5 and streaming on Mediaset Infinity.

How many and who are the nominated competitors

Grecia Colmenares, Arnold Cardaropoli, Claudio Roma, Giselda Torresan and Vittorio Menozzi are last Thursday’s nominees. They are the ones who will go to the televoting for the first elimination of this edition of Big Brother 2023.

Peace made between Heidi and Massimiliano?

The relationship between Massimiliano Varrese and Heidi Baci could constitute one of the focuses of the evening. The two roommates had a discussion, trying to clarify the misunderstandings of the last few hours. Wishing to clarify with her, Massimiliano went to Heidi to better outline his position. He wouldn’t want to send the wrong message, he hasn’t lost his mind and her chatter wasn’t a way to approach her. She would just like to move on, without fueling Massimiliano’s discontent. She doesn’t want to create misunderstandings, which is why she preferred to clarify the situation immediately, also because she is convinced that the actor’s words were serious. But, in the end, you have nothing against Massimiliano and the issue doesn’t exist. Massimiliano confirms that he was serious, but at the same time he wants to protect himself. A fuss has been created about nothing and it is passed off as what it is not. Despite everything, he thanks her for telling him she was “heavy”: it was an opportunity to reflect on his personhood. After discussing it, they both decide to put a stop to it and forget about it, continuing to live together in a civilized manner. Will Heidi and Massimiliano get to know each other again in peace or is their friendship now compromised?

Claudio’s regret

On the eve of the episode, the Nominations and televoting become a topic of discussion again. Claudio, confronting Giuseppe, feels he can go out and says he is sorry for not having been able to bond with all his companions, including himself. “I see that you have bonded with many and I would like you to open up to me a little” he tells him, a little pained. “If there is something against me, tell me” the entrepreneur asks him, trying to clarify his detachment towards him. The janitor, who listens to his companion’s reflection, admits that he has never taken a step towards him, but reassures him by telling him that he has nothing against him. “I’ve just been a little tired in the last few days,” he says, justifying his departure.

Claudio admits that he feels great admiration towards Giuseppe, and envies his great ability to relate and get involved. “For me this is a challenge, I have always been a lone wolf” he admits regretfully. Marco, who joins the discussion, reassures his partner and advises him not to force his desire to relate to someone at all costs: “Everyone has their own time” he tells him, trying to reassure him.

The entrepreneur, continuing, admits that he wants to take advantage of this experience to be able to overcome his discomfort and hopes, if he were to remain in the game, to put his worries away and open up more to the group. Will he be able to put what he said into practice?