Big Brother, Arnold Cardaropoli eliminated. 3 of them televoting

Arnold Cardaropoli he is the fourth eliminated from this edition of Great Brother. The competitor fared the worst in the event that aired Thursday 12 October.

big brother, arnold cardaropoli eliminated

Alfonso Gentlemenflanked by Cesara Good friends And Rebecca Staffelli (PHOTO), hosted the tenth episode of the reality show, which focused on the outcome of the televoting which saw four contestants compete.

Arnold Cardaropoli was the least voted tenant with 16% of the votes, thus having to abandon the program after Claudio Roma, Marco Fortunati and Lorenzo Remotti. These are the other percentages: 47% for Beatrice Luzzi, 20% for Heidi Baci and 17% for Valentina Modini.

Then there is room for the new nominations, all female given the elimination of four men. Immune for the house Anita Olivieri And Samira Hewith them too Heidi You kiss at the behest of the commentator.

The three tenants with the most votes, and therefore in the run-off, turned out to be Greece Colmenares, Rosy Chin And Beatrice Luzzi. The audience’s favorite contestant at home will be safe and will have to make a decision regarding the fate of the other two.

The verdict of the televoting will be revealed in the next episode of Big Brother on air Monday 16 October. The entry of new competitors is also expected, but their names will be kept secret.