Big Brother, Ciro Petrone leaves the House: what happened

The decision after weeks of doubts. New contestants and nominations

After days of doubts, Ciro Petrone made the decision to leave the Big Brother House, definitively abandoning the game. The decision, after weeks of doubts, arrived on the episode of Monday 20 November, the 21st, which also saw the entry of two new competitors: the actress Sara Ricci and the judo champion Marco Maddaloni. Vittorio, Angelica and Rosy are officially televoting. Who will come out among them on Monday 28 November?

Ciro Petrella’s decision

Recently Ciro had become a little dull, losing his initial enthusiasm. Alfonso sent him to Hovel so he could talk to him openly. Before him, however, he made him meet his brother who encouraged him, he tried to give him strength. But for Ciro it seems that the time has come to leave the house: he feels down, especially physically, and can’t sleep at night. Alfonso Signorini invites him to take the experience more lightly, after all he is participating in a unique and fun game. But Ciro replies by saying that he wants to show respect to the audience at home, which is why he thinks it is right to abandon the program. And when faced with the question ‘Do you want to go out?’, Ciro says yes. “I believe you made the best choice for yourself. It’s not the best one for the program, but you’re doing well, it’s your life”, commented Signorini. Back in the house, Ciro hugged his adventure companions through tears.

Who is Ciro Petrone

Ciro Petrone is an actor known for having participated in the film ‘Gomorrah’ by Matteo Garrone in 2008 playing the role of ‘Pisellino’. The other films in which he took part include, in addition to Reality, again by Garrone, also The Accountant of the Mafia, The Enzo Tortora Case, The Camorristi Clan, The Gold of Scampia and the TV miniseries The Promised Life. He also acted abroad in the Spanish series Veneno. In 2019 he participated in Temptation Island VIP with his girlfriend Federica. A great Napoli fan, he has also been working in the world of football as a sports agent for a couple of years.