Big Brother, Claudio Roma is the first eliminated

Alfonso Signorini hosted the fifth episode of Big Brother. At the center of the event is the result of the televoting which decreed the first person eliminated from this edition.

big brother, Claudio Roma leaves the house

First definitive verdict for the competitors of the Big Brother house, at the helm Alfonso Signorini supported by Cesara Good friends in the role of commentator and from Rebecca Staffelli (PHOTO) in that of social media voice.

Claudio Rome he was the contestant least voted by the public and therefore forced to leave the reality show definitively. These are the voting percentages: 32% for Giselda Torresan, 26% for Vittorio Menozzi, 18% for Arnold Cardaropoli, 16% for Grecia Colmenares and 8% for Claudio Roma.

After the announcement of the elimination, the host started the new nominations. No one is immune and everyone is nameable, on the one hand the group of tenants of the house, on the other that of the competitors forced to live in the hovel.

Arnold Cardaropoli, Beatrice Luzzi, Giselda Torresan, Greece Colmenares And Victor Menozzi were the most voted competitors.

In the next episode of Big Brother, on air Thursday 28 SeptemberAlfonso Signorini will reveal the outcome of the ballot: the contestant with the most votes will be safe and immune.