Big Brother, expect a baby girl: the ex-contestant’s emotional announcement

Already the mother of a boy, the former Big Brother contestant reveals that she is expecting a baby girl: the announcement full of emotion on social media.

It’s been a while since he crossed the threshold of the Big Brother, making itself known for its enchanting beauty and its peperino character. 12 years ago, she was among the contestants of one of the most unforgettable editions of the historic reality show in its Nip version. At the time she was a young model, who had also posed for very famous magazines and her journey in her house was one of the most exciting.

Former contestant Big brother pregnancy news (Credits: Instagram)

Many of you will also remember the deep friendship born between her and another great protagonist of the same season. A bond so close that it becomes the subject of discussions and quarrels by the roommates. Today, while keeping her beauty intact, she has decided to step away from the spotlight and devote herself to something else.

She got married five years ago and in 2020 she became the mother of a wonderful baby named Noah, arrived after some difficulties in getting pregnant, as she herself revealed on social media. After realizing that dream, she immediately set to work to make another dream come true and for a few months she announced that she was pregnant again. Just today she let all her followers know the sex of the baby on the way: she is a sissy and the news made her very happy!

Big Brother, pink bow for the former competitor: the announcement is creepy

The loyalists of the Canale 5 program will certainly have guessed that we are talking about Sarah Nile, Neapolitan model, born on 10 October 1985. It was back in 2010 when she joined the tenth edition of Big Brother: with her there were George Leonard, Massimo Scattarella, Maicol Berti, Giorgio Ronchini, Mauro Marin and many others fondly remembered by the public. Over the months he spent in her house the beautiful bell struck a much chatted friendship with Veronica Ciardi with which then there would have been a definitive removal last year.

Today Sarah works in a clinic and from her Instagram profile it seems that she deals with physiotherapy massages. Married since 2017 with the entrepreneur Pierluigi Montuoro, after three years the two have become parents of little Noah. This year, the former gieffina announced that she was expecting her second child: After only 3/4 months from the caesarean section (given my age and poor ovarian reserve) I went back to my doctor to start over the path of MAP ” , he told in a post on Instagram.

In the video published a few hours ago, you can see the exciting images of the baby shower with which the couple discovered and announced they were expecting a baby girl. A moment that Sarah and her husband shared with her relatives and closest friends and which inevitably unleashed a shower of likes.

Big Brother ad former competitor
Former protagonist Big Brother pink bow (Credits: Instagram)

Happy birthday to this wonderful family that is about to expand!