Big Brother, Fiordaliso and Giampiero Mughini in tears: their emotional story on TV

The singer comments with the tenants on the emotional meeting with her brothers. The journalist fondly remembers her father and talks about their difficult relationship

So many emotions for Cornflower and Giampiero Mughini, in the episode of Big Brother broadcast on Thursday 9 November. The singer, after having hugged her brothers again, told her story to her housemates and let herself go into a moment of emotion. “I’m so happy for my brothers, it was a precious moment” she exclaims, reiterating the immense affection she felt towards them.

Happy for her roommate, Letizia retraces the various moments of the meeting with her and, after reporting some phrases said by her sister, concludes: “Your sister said that that coffee, for her, is eternal love”, underlining the importance that she gave to that daily moment of theirs. “It’s really love,” the singer replies through tears.

But also Giampiero Mughini he dug into the memories of the past to tell his story. Inside the Mystery, the journalist says that he lived a difficult childhood as, at the age of five, he witnessed the separation of his parents and this inevitably affected him greatly.

Having always lived with his mother, he says he did not have the opportunity to spend much time with his father and that is precisely why he was never able to form a good relationship with him. “For some years I didn’t see my father ” he exclaims but says that, despite this, he has always felt a lot of admiration towards her.

Ready to tell his story better, Alfonso decides to show an unedited and detailed clip on the journalist’s life. “I think he told me twenty sentences in all, each of which is engraved in my skin” says Giampiero, regretful for not having made the most of the time available. Apparently, despite the difficulties and the numerous ups and downs faced over the years, the journalist continues to remember his father with great affection and respect.