Big Brother, Greece Colmenares triumphs in the televoting. 4 nominated

On Monday 9 October Alfonso Signorini hosted a new episode of Great Brother. At the center of the televoting that saw Grecia Colmenares, Anita Olivieri and Valentina Modini compete. Then there is room for new nominations for the fourth eliminated from this edition.

big brother, victory for greece colmenares

The host welcomed the audience into the most watched house in Italy, at his side Cesara Good friends in the role of commentator e Rebecca Staffelli (PHOTO) in that of representative of the social world. The episode opened by talking about the closeness between Beatrice Luzzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi, then leaving room for the televoting verdict with the victory of Greece Colmenareschosen by 47% of the public against 40% in favor of Anita Olivieri and 18% for Valentina Modini.

After having explored a series of issues, including the clarification between Beatrice Luzzi and Jane Alexander, Grecia Colmenares had to choose who to send directly to the televoting among her fellow nominees by naming Valentina Modini.

Then there is room for the announcement of the immunes, namely Massimiliano Varrese, Letizia Petris, Fiordaliso, Ciro Petrone, Alex Schwazer and Giuseppe Garibaldi, with them also Anita Olivieri since she was chosen by Cesara Buonamici.

At the end of the nominations, Alfonso Signorini revealed the names of the competitors at risk of elimination: Valentina Modini, Beatrice Luzzi, Arnold Cardaropoli And Heidi You kiss. The contestant with the least votes will have to definitively abandon Big Brother in the episode broadcast Thursday 12 October.