Big Brother, “It is useless to pretend nothing happened”: the drama of the former competitor

The vent via Instagram of the former Big Brother competitor: he shared with his followers the drama he has been living for a year now.

Many of the former competitors of the first historic editions of Big Brother they continue to be very popular on social media and in their various work projects. Whether they are still part of the entertainment world or not, many of them have remained in the hearts of the public who express their support and sympathy on the web.

Big Brother drama former protagonist (Credits: Instagram)

Those who have a very close relationship with fans usually make them participate in less beautiful moments of their life. This is what a former face of the historian did long ago reality of Canale 5: “Today my day is empty because there is no work. Today I accuse him and I want to share him, because I haven’t worked for a year, ”she said in a video posted on her Instagram profile.

The former competitor explains that although her life is full of activity, the lack of paid work severely affects her self-esteem. “I do things, I do a lot but paid work is missing and frankly self-esteem goes under my feet. It is useless to pretend nothing has happened, ”he says with his known frankness.

Big Brother, the former competitor tells his drama: “People don’t say it”

She participated in the GF more than twenty years ago, when the program was just in its first edition and the conducting was Daria Bignardi. It is about Roberta Betanow 57 years old, who in these 22 years has been among those who continue to work on TV and especially on the radio.

Leaving the most spied house in Italy, she had the opportunity to work as a correspondent for Life live on Rai Uno, he participated in Ettore Pasculli’s film The steam factoryand also wrote a book called The big sister right on the experience lived under the cameras 24 hours a day. For 12 months, however, she misses a paid job and certainly such a situation is not always easy to bear.

As it often does through social media, also in this case the Roman presenter wanted to invite everyone to reflect. This time she wanted to focus attention on today’s way of communicating which, according to her, most of the time would not be authentic and spontaneous. Tackling certain topics would be seen as less ‘interesting’ and instead she wanted to emphasize that even the least pleasant moments are part of life. It would therefore be normal and right to share those on social media too.

In this way, we would get out of the usual stereotypes that are most popular on virtual platforms, against which many well-known characters are lining up lately. “It happens to everyone to have moments of down, of lean. The point is, people don’t say that. It seems that being disheartened is not chic and not cool ”, writes the former gieffina below the video.

Big Brother former contestant drama
Big Brother, unexpected confession (Credits: Instagram)

Do you agree with Roberta’s reflection?