Big Brother, Lorenzo Remotti eliminated. 3 of them televote

Thursday 5 October Alfonso Gentlemen led a new appointment of Big Brotherin the studio Cesara Good friends And Rebecca Staffelli (PHOTO). At the center of the episode is the balance of the competitors inside the house for almost a month. Space for the televoting verdict with the exit of Lorenzo Remotti.

big brother, what happened on Thursday 5 October

The episode opened with the result of the televoting that awarded Beatrice Luzzichosen by 47% of the public at home against 17% in favor of Giselda Torresan, 11% for Vittorio Menozzi, 10% for Letizia Petris, 6% for Alex Schwazer, 4% for Lorenzo Remotti, 3 % for Arnold Cardaropoli and 2% for Valentina Modini.

The winner of the televoting then had to start a rescue chain by decreeing the four contestants at risk of elimination. A new ballot opened, the public at home voted for the elimination of Lorenzo Remotti pardoning Arnold Cardaropoli, Valentina Modini and Vittorio Menozzi.

Then there is room for the new nominations, but first the announcement of the immune competitors: Ciro Petrone, Samira Lui, Angelica Beraldi, Fiordaliso, Heidi Baci and Paolo Masella for the house and Massimiliano Varrese and Alex Schwazer for Cesara Buonamici. The contestants indicated who they would like to eliminate: the nameable ones openly and the immune ones in the secrecy of the confessional.

At the end of the voting, the host announced the new list of contestants in the ballot: Greece Colmenares, Valentina Modini And Anita Olivieri. The tenant with the most votes will be saved and she will have to make an important decision for the fate of her classmates. The new episode of the reality show will air Monday 9 October.