Big Brother, Samira Lui eliminated. 6 of them televoting

Thursday 19 October Alfonso Signorini hosted a new episode of Big Brother. The host accompanied the public during the event which shed light on Heidi Baci’s abandonment. Samira Lui eliminated with 15% of the votes.

big brother, what happened on Thursday 19 October

Alfonso Signorini, supported in the studio by Cesara Good friends And Rebecca Staffelli (PHOTO), opened the episode by talking about Heidi Baci’s decision to leave the show. The competitor explained her motivations in a long letter to her former teammates.

Then there is room for the verdict of the televoting which saw the elimination of Samira He with 15% of the votes against the 34% obtained by Valentina Modini, 33% by Grecia Colmenares and 18% by Rosy Chin.

Subsequently, Alfonso Signorini kicked off the nominations by indicating the names of the house’s immunes, namely Paolo Masella, Ciro Petrone, Anita Olivieri and Massimiliano Varrese, to which Cesara Buonamici added Giuseppe Garibaldi and Angelica Baraldi.

After the nominations, openly for the nominable ones and in the secret of the confessional for the immune ones, Alfonso Signorini revealed the competitors in the ballot: Beatrice Luzzi, Greece Colmenares, Giselda Torresan, Rosy Chin, Valentina Modini And Victor Menozzi.

The least voted tenant will be the first candidate in the preliminary televoting. The outcome will be revealed in the new scheduled appointment Monday 23 October.