Big Brother, today new episode between elimination and triangle in the House

Tension between Beatrice Luzzi, Massimiliano Varrese and Giuseppe Garibaldi

Beatrice Luzzi, Massimiliano Varrese and Giuseppe Garibaldi: the new episode of Big Brotherbroadcast today 6 November 2023 on Canale 5, will also revolve – if not above all – around the 3 contestants who are protagonists of events and relationships that have been intertwined for weeks now.

At breakfast a 3-way competition takes place. Beatrice prepares the coffee, in that for Giuseppe there is some unwanted sugar: “Thank you for the effort you put in”, says the competitor, who prepares a second breakfast alone while the actress apologizes: “It’s the first time I’ve seen you at breakfast, sorry.” Varrese intervenes in defense of his colleague, with whom he reached a new level of intimacy the previous evening, with massages and attention: “Giuseppe, Beatrice makes you a coffee and you treat her so badly? Have you understood what kind of woman this is or not? did you understand?”, says Varrese, landing the blow and provoking his rival. Giuseppe feels the attack, Beatrice has to intervene to lower the tension: “Max, don’t exaggerate”.

Giuseppe’s behavior and reactions are at the center of the discussions between Beatrice, Vittorio and Ciro: “Giuseppe is not up to the game”, says the actress. “He’s not ready to play because he’s in love with you”, replies Vittorio.

Giuseppe is among the 5 contestants who today risk elimination by televoting. In addition to Giuseppe, Alex, Giampiero, Giselda and Angelica are nominated.