Big Brother Vip 7, Alfonso Signorini releases an absolute novelty

On the starting line for the launch of the new edition of the GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini has released an absolute novelty

The countdown is now close to zero. Less than 24 hours to go before the big return on our screens Big Brother Vip. In recent months we have talked for a long time about the possible faces that we could see in the new edition within the program. And, a few weeks ago the cast of contestants put in line by the landlord, Alfonso Signorini.

GF Vip, a sensational news appears (Credits: Youtube)

The fateful red door of the most popular reality show ever is ready to be opened and welcome the new tenants who will literally have the cameras pointed at for the next few months. How many twists and turns should we expect from this new edition of the reality show? We will certainly see some good ones. On the other hand, those who follow the Big Brother he knows there is never a need to be bored. Clashes and quarrels are not lacking, but we have seen, as the previous editions also testify, that even love is ready to blossom.

In short, we are ready to expect anything. But even before it all begins, just running out of the big comeback on our screens, Alfonso Signorini has released an absolute novelty for this new edition of the GF VIP. Here’s what she did know!

GF Vip7, Signorini is not in the skin and reveals an absolute novelty

The month of September brought with it many juicy news and many returns to our screens. If last Saturday 17 September we were able to see the first episode of the new edition of Tu Sì Que Vales, here is the Announcements they are by no means finished. Rather, it must be said that we are only at the beginning!

When it comes to twists, it must be said that al Big Brother Vip these are always around the corner. Well, even before it all begins, the host of the very popular reality show wanted to reveal an absolute novelty! “Small but big details“, He wrote in an Instagram Stories in which you can glimpse a glimpse of what we will taste tomorrow in prime time!

Iconica is certainly the home of the GF Vip which for years now has hosted the fateful ‘nip’ and ‘vip’ competitors. But to capture attention even in past editions was the Cinecittà ‘palastudio’ from which Alfonso Signorini, together with the commentators of the reality show and the audience present in the studio, enters into connection with the House. And speaking of news on these screens, it is right inside the Cinecittà studio that we will be able to notice a big difference!

From the Instagram Stories of the conductor Alfonso Signorini you can glimpse something curious, and as the same anticipates, starting tomorrow evening there will be a whole new television studio to welcome everyone!

gf vip news
GF Vip, news in the studio (Credits: Instagram)

So we just have to wait for the big return tomorrow night!