“Big Brother Vip has given me back the will to live”: Alfonso Signorini is moved by the competitor

Moment of strong emotion for Alfonso Signorini and the audience of Big Brother Vip: the words of the competitor struck everyone.

In a program like the Big Brother, both Nip and Vip, emotions play a preponderant role. To decree the success of a competitor, an episode or an entire edition are often the emotions that reach the viewer and this is the truest rule of the program, among the most followed in the last twenty years.

“Big Brother Vip has given me back the will to live”: the host Alfonso Signorini is moved by the competitor (Mediaset Infinity)

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In the episode aired yesterday, December 3, for example, one of the most beautiful and emotional moments was certainly the one that saw the protagonist Katia Ricciarelli. The famous soprano had spoken in recent days of a truly unexpected background concerning her.

He had in fact revealed that before entering the most spied house in Italy, he had lost the will to live and that, thanks to the Big Brother Vip he found it again. Called into the confessional by Alfonso Signorini, Katia opened up to the public offering a truly touching moment.

Katia Ricciarelli, unpublished confession: the sad background before Big Brother Vip

“I think the words you used are very important. You said that Big Brother has given you back the joy of living, as if you had lost that desire for a long time ”, said the conductor, very impressed by Ricciarelli’s words.

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“It is the truth. I have had so many joys, so many pains, there are moments when I really feel… it’s hard to say these things all at once. When they tell me what I would like to do again, it seems to me ingratitude to ask for more than what I have had. Often, when I’m alone, I feel like saying what am I doing? This is the truth, ”admitted the opera singer.

Sincerely moved by his friend’s speech, Alfonso Signorini was unable to hold back tears: “Having had so much in life does not mean no longer having desires, motivations. You don’t have to feel useless, ”he told her.

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Big Brother Vip Alfonso Signorini
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