Big Brother VIP, who are the nominees on Monday 7 February

Waiting for the new episode of Big Brother VIP (PHOTO) in which the name of the first finalist will be revealed; currently four competitors are battling televoting.

big brother vip, delia duran wins the televoting challenge

Alfonso Signorini prepares to reopen the red door of the most spied house in Italy to tell the stories of the protagonists, at his side the two commentators S.onia Bruganelli And Adriana Volpe.

During the last episode with the sixth edition of the reality show the audience at home was asked to choose between Soleil It rises, Giucas Box and Delia Duran with the victory of the latter thus becoming the first candidate for the final with 52% of the votes against 36% obtained by Soleil Sorge and 12% by Giucas Casella.

big brother vip, THE New ballot

Following the unveiling of the verdict, the landlord announced to the competitors that the nominations of the episode would serve to indicate who to send to the ballot to win first place for the final.

At the end of the voting, the tenants have decreed that to challenge Delia Duran they would have been Katia Ricciarelli, Manila Nazzaro And David Silvestri. The outcome of the televoting will be announced in the new appointment with the Big Brother VIP, scheduled Monday 7 February.