Big Brother, what happened in the episode of Monday 23 October

Evening of comparisons and clarifications. Monday 23 October Alfonso Gentlemen hosted a new episode of Big Brother. In the studio Cesara Good friends in the role of commentator e Rebecca Staffelli in that of representative of the social world (PHOTO). The audience at home decided that it would be the one to go to the preliminary televoting on Monday 30 October Valentina Modini.

big brother, what happened on October 23rd

Heidi Baci, who withdrew from the program after meeting her father, briefly returned to the reality show for a clarifying discussion with her former tenants. Subsequently, space for what happened in the last few days inside the most spied on house in Italy.

One of the most important moments of the thirteenth episode was certainly the revelation of the outcome of the ballot. Valentina Modini, preferred by 6% of the public at home, became the first candidate in the preliminary televoting. These are the other percentages: 44% for Beatrice Luzzi, 17% for Vittorio Menozzi, 12% for Giselda Torresan, 11% for Rosy Chin and 10% for Grecia Colmenares.

Before the start of the new nominations, Alfonso Signorini announced that the inhabitants of the house would be immune Cyrus Petrone, Joy Petris, Cornflower And Alex Schwazerto which Cesara Buonamici added the names of Joseph Garibaldi And Anita Olivieri.

At the end of the nominations, the two most voted competitors were Beatrice Luzzi And Maximilian Varrese. The least voted tenant will become the second candidate in the preliminary televoting on Monday 30 October. The next episode of Big Brother is expected for Thursday 26 October.