Big Brother, what happened in the episode of Thursday 2 November

From the clarification between Beatrice Luzzi and Alex Schwazer to some misunderstandings that arose at home, Alfonso Gentlemen retraced the events of the last few days in the sixteenth episode of Big Brother. Then there is room for the televoting verdict.

big brother, the new nominations

Alfonso Signorini hosted a new episode of the reality show, in the studio Cesara Good friends as a commentator and Rebecca Staffelli (PHOTO) in the role of representative of the social world. The host explored various topics: from the relationship between Beatrice Luzzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi to the criticisms made by Fiordaliso towards some competitors.

At the center of the event is the outcome of the ballot which saw four competitors competing. Alex Schwazer was the least voted tenant with 11.6% of the votes, these are the other percentages: 58.2% for Beatrice Luzzi, 15.4% for Fiordaliso and 14.8% for Giselda Torresan.

Subsequently, Alfonso Signorini kicked off the new nominations by first announcing the immune tenants, namely Fiordaliso, Anita Olivieri and Paola Masaella, to which Cesara Buonamici added Beatrice Luzzi and Grecia Colmenares.

Alex Schwazer, Giampiero Mughini, Joseph Garibaldi, Angelica Baraldi And Giselda Torresan were the contestants in the runoff. The least voted tenant will be eliminated in the next scheduled episode of Big Brother Monday 6 November.