Big Brother, what happened in the episode of Thursday 9 November

Alfonso Signorini hosted a new episode of Big Brother. The host revealed the outcome of the televoting which saw seven contestants competing. Present in the studio Cesara Good friends And Rebecca Staffelli (PHOTO).


Surprises, but also rapprochements and misunderstandings. The landlord reopened the red door telling the lives of the tenants. Among the most emotional moments was the surprise Fiordaliso received from his brothers and that of Vittorio from his mother.

Then there is room for the rapprochement between Beatrice Luzzi and Giuseppe Garibaldi and the relationship between Letizia Petris and Paola Masella.

Alfonso Signorini revealed the outcome of the televoting by sending Cyrus Petrone in the next ballot as it was chosen by 8.3% of viewers against 19% in favor of Grecia Colmenares, 16.7% for Letizia Petris, 16.2% for Giuseppe Garibaldi, 16.1% for Vittorio Menozzi, 15% for Massimiliano Varrese and 8.7% for Giampiero Mughini.

Subsequently, the host kicked off the nominations by announcing the house’s immunes, namely Anita Olivieri, Alex Schwazer and Beatrice Luzzi. Cesara Buonamici saved Massimiliano Varrese and Mirko Brunetti.

Joseph Garibaldi And Jill Cooper they were the contestants with the most votes from the group, thus going to the run-off with Ciro Petrone. The public will now have to decide who to eliminate in the next episode of Big Brother on air Monday 13 November.