Big Brother, who are the contestants nominated on Thursday 26 October

This evening, Thursday 26 October, Alfonso Gentlemen will host a new episode of Great Brother, Beatrice Luzzi and Massimiliano Varrese televoting. The contestant with the least votes will go to next week’s preliminary round.

big brother, who will triumph in the televoting?

More than forty days after the start, the protagonists of the program have now made themselves known to the general public. Over the weeks, the tenants told their stories, also showing previously unseen sides of their characters.

The owner of the house will turn the spotlight back on the Cinecittà studio to dissect what happened in the last few hours, as always at his side Cesara Good friends in the role of commentator e Rebecca Staffelli in that of representative of the social world (PHOTO).

After the nominations of the last episode, which aired on Monday 23 October, Maximilian Varrese And Beatrice Luzzi the two most voted competitors were found. The tenant who obtains the least number of votes from viewers will go directly to the televoting which will decide the next person eliminated in the episode scheduled for Monday 30 October.

The new ballot will also feature Valentina Modinithe first candidate for elimination at the behest of viewers.

The last eliminated competitor of this edition was Samira Lui who followed Claudio Roma, Marco Fortunati, Lorenzo Remotti and Arnold Cardaropoli. Heidi Baci has instead decided to retire for personal reasons.