Big Brother, who are the contestants nominated on Thursday 9 November

A new episode is coming Great Brother. Thursday 9 November Alfonso Gentlemen will return to the center of the Cinecittà studio to retrace what happened in the most watched house in Italy in recent days.

big brother, waiting for the televoting

The host, flanked by Cesara Buonamici in the role of commentator and from Rebecca Staffelli (PHOTO) in that of representative of the social world, will also reveal the outcome of the televoting.

In the previous episode, which aired Monday 6 Novemberthe competitors were called to make the expected nominations by decreeing the new roster of tenants at risk of elimination, namely Ciro Petrone, Giampiero Mughini, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Grecia Colmenares, Letizia Petris, Massimiliano Varrese and Vittorio Menozzi.

The contestant with the least votes will go directly to the ballot for the next episode.

Giselda Torresan she was the last contestant eliminated from the house after getting 14.22% votes from viewers. These are the other percentages: 14.44% for Angelica Baraldi, 22.25% for Alex Schwazer, 23.49% for Giuseppe Garibaldi and 25.60% for Giampiero Mughini.

In the over fifty days since the start of Big Brother, the contestants have talked about their fragilities and strengths, with space also for unexpected surprises, such as the meeting between Beatrice Luzzi and her ex-husband Alessandro Cisilin and the one between Mirko Brunetti and girlfriend Greta Rossetti.