Big Brother, who are the nominated contestants

Monday 5 February Alfonso Signorini will host a new episode of Big Brother, the reality show that sees VIPs and ordinary people coexist inside a house. In the studio Cesara Good friends in the role of commentator e Rebecca Staffelli as a representative of the social world.

big brother, waiting for the televoting verdict

In the last episode, which aired on Monday 29 January, Monia La Ferrera left the Big Brother house as it was voted for by 5% of viewers. These are the other voting percentages: 44% for Perla Vatiero, 17% for Sergio D’Ottavi, 13% for Federico Massaro, 11% for Fiordaliso and 10% for Stefano Di Miele.

Following the elimination of the competitor, the tenants took part in the new nominations: openly for some and in the secret of the confessional for others. At the end of the voting Beatrice Luzzi, Stefano Di Miele, Letizia Petris and Vittorio Menozzi were the contestants with the most votes, thus going to the run-off. In the new episode, on air Monday 5 FebruaryAlfonso Signorini will reveal the result of the non-elimination televoting.

Since the beginning of the program thirty-three competitors have crossed the threshold of the red door, at the moment there are sixteen tenants still in the game, nine of whom have been present since the first episode, namely Anita Olivieri, Beatrice Luzzi, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Grecia Colmenares, Letizia Petris, Massimiliano Varrese, Paolo Masella, Rosy Chin and Vittorio Menozzi.