BiHoliday and Ciset launch the first Academy dedicated to Open Air tour operators

Michele Tamma, president of Ciset: “We are convinced that training is one of the indispensable tools for innovating and this project aims to set the standard in its sector, focusing above all on the ability to see and invest in human resources”.

The area of ​​the Upper Adriatic, with Veneto in the lead, scored, in the sector ofopen air an extraordinary 2022: +17% foreign tourists, +4% Italians. But on the table of entrepreneurs who deal with what is today the most dynamic tourism sector in Italy there is the great problem of personnel and training. Such a strong problem that today sees the launch of the first Academy dedicated to the Open Air. On the one hand, a private group, BiHoliday – headed by the Biasuzzi family – which is worth around 1 million visitors a year in the two directly managed villages: San Francesco in Caorle, in the Venetian area, and Bi Village in Fasana, in Croatia. On the other, an institutional partner such as Ciset – International Center for Studies on the Economy of Tourism which has developed a unique project both in Italy and abroad. To introduce a press conference, very different from the usual, the journalist, tech tourism expert, Simone Puorto, live from the metaverse (the conference was also followed by the MetaBiHoliday – Metaverse room) while, in real-life from the Marino Berengo hall of the Ca’ Foscari University, attended by: the Councilor for Tourism of the Veneto Region, Federico Caner; the President of Faita-Federcamping, Alberto Granzotto; the President of Ciset, Michele Tamma; the Head of Research, Valeria Minghetti; and the Senior Researcher, Federica Montaguti with the General Manager of BiHoliday Ilenia Cherubin.

“The open air sector – underlines Federico Caner, Councilor for Tourism of the Veneto Region – is certainly one of the segments that has best reacted to the post-pandemic and has contributed to the recovery of Veneto tourism, arriving in some periods to record even higher attendances to 2019, a record year.The positive data of 2022, if on the one hand confirm the value of the culture of hospitality of the operators of our Region and the importance of the human factor, on the other, however, they also represent a point of reflection to increase the quality of the services offered, above all from a strategic planning point of view”.

“The season that has ended – notes Ilenia Cherubin, General Manager of BiHoliday – has achieved important numbers. But today we are faced with a new challenge that of being able to guarantee an increasingly quality holiday. Therefore we must first of all invest in our collaborators We developed the BiAcademy project with an extremely important partner such as Ciset because we wanted the training offered to the staff to be of a high level and certified by a link with the territory. With the start of this experience, we imagine we can build a strong network, capable of interacting constantly, made up of entrepreneurs and administrations in order to guarantee an ever-increasing quality of accommodation, a constant level of employment, therefore no longer just seasonal, and a switch towards an increasingly widespread digitization in our sector”.

Michele Tamma, president of Ciset, speaking at the press conference, underlined: “We are convinced that training is one of the indispensable tools for innovating and this project aims to set the standard in its sector, focusing first of all on the ability to see and invest in resources Since the outbreak of the pandemic, as demonstrated by the results of our research carried out for Faita, open-air tourism has recorded an exponential increase in popularity, a success which however calls for answers in the field of sustainability and international competitiveness by the excellence and of our companies. We are certain that the long experience gained by Ciset in thirty years of activity can significantly support BiHoliday in the path of innovation it has undertaken”.

The national president of Federcamping, who represents the owners of Italian outdoor accommodation facilities, echoed Tamma: “the personnel crisis that has affected many production sectors, particularly those with mainly seasonal activity, worries us greatly. It is a crisis which cannot be resolved either in the short term or with simple remedies, but which must be tackled from many sides Among the reaction initiatives to be put in place there is certainly specific professional training which allows the inclusion of young people, including students, and of personnel coming from other sectors.

Professor Federica Montaguti explains the training activity in detail: “The BiAcademy project stands as a unicum on the Italian and international scene. It is in fact an in-house training project dedicated specifically to front line figures for the open-air sector, which underlines how all the figures, even those operating and with fixed-term contracts, deserve attention and training, regardless of where their career will go on to develop, and must be professionals in their field”.

The training course conceived by BiHoliday with Ciset, explains Montaguti, “aims, in its almost 200 hours, to provide them with all the skills not only in the field of communication and hospitality, but also in the knowledge of the area and its opportunities, to be able to best support the guest experience, making it unforgettable. Furthermore, it focuses on the development of digital skills and the ability to manage time, priorities and relationships with colleagues. Teaching is mainly based on interaction and simulations in a way to put students/new recruits in contact with real situations as much as possible and to make learning suitable for everyone and the faculty composed of senior experts, professionals and in part also by the managers of BiHoliday. Two intensive weeks are also planned at the San Francesco campsite so that the students then feel at ease in the structure and begin to get to know the area better”.

Professor Valeria Minghetti, Head of Research at Ciset, instead took an interesting snapshot of the open-air tourist situation in the Upper Adriatic: “the North East which concentrates 22% of open-air businesses, confirmed – explains Minghetti – its role as the top area for open-air tourism in Italy also in the summer of 2022, with a +17% growth in foreign demand, driven by the traditional German market. It is the only area in Italy where Italian tourists in ’22 (+3% of arrivals and +4% of nights), while in the other areas domestic tourism remains stable after the boom of 2021. The increase in turnover is also higher in the north-east than the Italian average: +13% against 6%”.

To close the meeting Ilenia Cherubin who wanted to thank “the Veneto Region, in particular the councilor Caner for her presence and sensitivity; Faita, the President Granzotto, who has provided us with the indispensable numbers to carry out a project more than ever concrete; Ciset, with President Tamma, Professor Mighetti, and in particular Professor Montaguti with whom we worked a lot on a project that looks far ahead. Finally, I feel like applauding the Biasuzzi family who have never stopped invest in this sector and has never stopped believing in it”.