Bill Cosby, the teaser trailer of the series about the case

There has been much talk of the Bill Cosby case, which has forever changed the perception of the famous comedian in the eyes of the whole world. A legally complex affair, also considering its resolution, which continues to be discussed. It’s one of those cases where people will keep arguing, like OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson.

The comedian W. Kamau Bell he directed the docuseries We Need to Talk About Cosby. Divided into four parts, is the analysis of the court case that sees the famous comedian Bill Cosby, the historical face of American television, as accused. The series will arrive in the United States on Showtime and a teaser trailer has been released online.

We Need to Talk About Cosby

The debut of W. Kamau Bell’s docuseries, We Need to Talk About Cosby, is scheduled for January 30, 2022. Eight days before, however, there will be the official presentation at the Sundance Film Festival. Bell defines himself as “Cosby’s son”, being an African American born in the 1970s. The comedian’s influence was enormous, along with many others, on his generation.

“I was a huge fan of all the Bill Cosby series. I wanted to be a comedian because of him. I never thought I’d have to struggle between who we thought he was and who we now know he was. I’m not sure he would like me to do this docuseries, but Cliff Huxtable certainly would ”. (it should be noted that Cliff Huxtable is the original name of the protagonist of The Cosby Show, US title of I Robinson, an Italian adaptation that changed the surname of the protagonist family).

What We Need to Talk About Cosby puts at the center of the table is that the desire for power that propelled Bill Cosby to his spectacular television career eventually led to court-tested acts of violence against women. The public image, that of the actor, model of life and philanthropist, will be compared with that of the sexual predator.

Bill Cosby is free

Bill Cosby is a free man. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ended his prison sentence after serving three of the ten-year maximum sentence he was sentenced to in the first instance in 2018. He was charged with aggravated sexual assault. Everything had been confirmed on appeal by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in 2019, but now the sentence has been overturned.

This happened after reconsidering a deal made by Cosby’s lawyers in 2005 with a district attorney investigating allegations of sexual assault coming from drugged and raped Andrea Constand. Ten years before his conviction, the actor made a deal with Bruce Castor, then Montgomery County District Attorney, not to be indicted. In exchange, he gave a testimony defined as “potentially incriminating” on the Constand case, for which he was later sentenced to 10 years.

In 2015, Castor’s successor reopened the case, effectively starting the path that led the actor to trial. In 2017 the jury did not get a verdict and in 2018 the lawyers failed to prove the existence of an agreement. However, months ago a test of what was stipulated in the century was reconsidered, underlining how Cosby was denied a fair trial.

The actor had agreed to serve his entire sentence in the high-security prison in Philadelphia, rather than admitting his faults. He was also denied probation because he refused to attend a rehabilitation program for sex offenders.