Bill Gates at Palazzo Chigi, one-hour meeting with Giorgia Meloni

Discussion on various topics, including artificial intelligence, between the Prime Minister and the founder of Microsoft

Meeting today between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Bill Gates. The founder of Microsoft arrived at Palazzo Chigi for an interview that lasted about an hour. Father Paolo Benanti, president of the AI ​​commission for the Information and Publishing Department, as well as Italian member of the United Nations Committee on Artificial Intelligence, also took part in part of the discussion on artificial intelligence.

“I only participated in a small part” of the meeting “in which the challenges posed by artificial intelligence were clearly discussed. We have someone who has made the history of this sector, and we have the President of the Council of Ministers who expressed a whole series of things that we have already heard expressed in the speech he made at the UN or in other speeches. It is interesting that spaces for dialogue are opening up”, says Father Paolo Benanti. “Bill Gates as a technologist has above all underlined the great advantages of optimizing some processes that can come. As regards the risks, he says that the important thing is that they are in the right hands, different approaches”, he adds.

The note

“The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, received Bill Gates today at Palazzo Chigi. Father Paolo Benanti, president of the Commission on artificial intelligence, also took part in the meeting, which is part of a series of meetings on the topic of artificial intelligence. ‘Artificial Intelligence for Information. During the meeting we discussed the opportunities and risks of AI and the need to govern future changes, thus avoiding undergoing them. The conversation also allowed us to reiterate the centrality of Africa for the Italian G7 Presidency, on the eve of the Italy-Africa Summit scheduled for 28-29 January”. Thus in a note from Palazzo Chigi.