Billionaire Wolfgang Porsche asks his wife for divorce: ‘She has dementia’

The billionaire Wolfgang Porsche, manager and member of the family that gave its name to the luxury car brand of the same name, has filed for divorce from his wife Claudia, motivating the choice to end the marriage with dementia that would have affected the woman. According to the thesis of the Austro-German businessman, the disease led to drastic changes in his wife’s personality and, consequently, in their relationship.

The relationship interrupted by the disease

Porsche, 79, and his wife Claudia Hübner, 74, have been together since 2007 and wed in 2019. A source close to the family told the Daily at the Mirror that “the illness that struck her would have made it impossible for her and her husband to live together”. “Claudia Hübner former adviser to the German government, she hasn’t been able to move independently for months”, reports Daily Record, “would have lived with his daughter for almost two years” and “he has four 24-hour assistants who have been hired to take care of her”. The German media reported that the separation procedures would have already started months ago and Porsche would have started a dating another woman.