Billoo, the app that helps find errors in bills

Billoo is an app conceived and designed to help consumers discover any errors in their electricity and gas bills. A tool that simply and intuitively communicates to users if there are anomalies in their invoices, such as delays in communications, out-of-date rates, billing errors or even charges for unsolicited items.

The idea behind Billoo is simple: everyone gets some bills to pay on time, but almost no one has the skills to decipher them. And this is where the app comes into play, designed by professionals who have worked in the energy sector for 20 years and who have decided to put their knowledge and experience at the service of citizens and companies. “Billo is a young but extremely competent startup that wants to solve a long-standing problem, that of bills, which haunts all families in Italy. Let us remember that in our peninsula alone there are 52 million meters” explains Giovanni Baroni, president and founder of Billoo.

How does it work

To discover any anomalies, the procedure is simple: just upload the PDF file of the invoice and the algorithm will take care of the rest. “Thanks to decoding systems we extract data from the document, then give it meaning. – explains Baroni – Then we communicate to the customer in a very concise way whether things are going well or not. If, for example, the prices are too high we give them a grade, like at school.”

The rating given to a bill can vary from 1 to 10: if the rating is high it means that the bill does not present any anomalies and that the price is competitive. On the contrary, however, if the rating is low it means that the tariff has some errors, for example prices that are too high compared to those of the competition or actual billing anomalies.

Once the errors have been reported, there are different paths that can be taken: submit a complaint, request a refund or directly change operator. A procedure that takes only 30 seconds, thus avoiding long waits at call centers or complicated operations on websites. And for all the options you just need to rely on Billoo’s experts, who will contact the supply company directly.

How much you can save

“Since we were born, we have checked almost 40 thousand bills. And the incredible thing is that 50% of these present some critical issues: either errors or prices not in line with the market. – explains Baroni – And the average saving is between 500 and 600 euros per year.” Saving, however, does not only mean spending less, but also consuming less and better to protect the environment. Billoo helps, in fact, to save, as well as and on the economic side, also on the energy side.

“Within the app – says Baroni – there is an eco shop section, where customers can ask for information on more sustainable lighting – such as LEDs, photovoltaic panels, charging columns or heat pumps which are the tools that will lead us towards a greener energy transition freer from fossil fuels.”

By downloading Billoo a user can choose between two plans, one completely free and one premium with the purchase of the plan Billo Pass, thanks to which you can obtain exclusive and tailor-made offers, but above all thanks to which you can delegate the management of procedures with the supplier directly to the experts. In short, Billo is a digital space – literally at your fingertips – where a consumer can monitor, analyze and archive their bills to save money and energy.