Bills, Pnrr, rave decree: what Meloni said today at the conference

The words of the Prime Minister after the CDM

Dear energy, measures for electricity and gas bills. The rave decree, the PNRR, the citizenship income, aid to Ukraine. These are some of the issues that Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister, touched on today in the press conference after the Council of Ministers. The CDM had been “primarily convened for the approval of the Nadef, we will be able to free up about 9.5 billion by 2022” to be used for measures against expensive energy.

“I am making – he added – appeal to the parliament to approve the text as soon as possible. For 2023 we imagine debt at 4.3% which then goes down, so we free 22 or 23 billion which we also allocate exclusively to expensive energy. over 30 billion euros up to the end of 2023 to deal with the energy crisis “.

The measures adopted on energy are not “only on an emergency level, not only on the expensive bills, but also to allow this nation to be independent and autonomous. On November 24 there will be a new council of energy ministers, we have very much turned on the spotlights to give concrete answers, the price of gas is falling, also due to the EU taking charge of the matter, but we must give serious and concrete signals “, he said referring to the European context and highlighting that” in the meantime we must put ourselves in safety”.

“From January we foresee up to two billion cubic meters of gas at controlled prices, which should cover a large part of our needs. We wanted to approve another measure concerning the energy issue, free up some Italian gas extractions by favoring and expanding concessions existing or new concessions – explained the premier – asking the concessionaires to make available in exchange, immediately, from January, between 1 billion and 2 billion cubic meters of gas to be allocated to energy-intensive companies at controlled prices “. The measure – he explains – “concerns 75% of the potential gas that can be extracted for the first two years”.

At the international level, “the price of gas is falling, also as a result of the EU taking charge of this matter. This has led to speculation to decline, but it will not last long”. This effect “will last but only if serious and concrete signals arrive” from Brussels.

“A European solution on the issue of bills is just and necessary, there are various positions, we are in favor: since we have a significant emergency, we will have to evaluate how well the existing resources, such as the Repower Eu, are also spent”.

Resource management is a topic of primary importance: “With the changed context, some things become difficult to do as they were previously foreseen, it is a matter to be addressed with grace and intelligence, reported to the EU”. The discourse is intertwined with the arguments relating to the implementation of the NRP.

“The Art. 21 of the Next generation EU deserves evaluation of updates, I have not found any preconceived measures”, he said again with reference to Brussels. “Our goal is to spend these resources and spend them in the best way.”

In Italy there is discussion on the rave decree passed in the first Cdm. The measure was harshly criticized by the opposition: “If someone thinks that the law can be done better,” we “are willing to listen, as long as the criticisms are not spurious. Far from my story, try to ban demonstrations,” he added. “Let us make other proposals, but we are not the banana republic, I do not intend to go back on this”.

A question on the government’s position in relation to citizenship income: “On citizenship income and other matters we postpone the discussion: they are in fact matters of the budget law. We have been asked to discuss with the social partners, next week we will see the trade unions, it would not be right to give indications before coordination “.

Ukraine’s next arms decree? “This is a question to ask the Minister of Defense” in any case “I do not think this will create problems for the majority, the center-right has always voted tightly, in support of the Ukrainian cause, within the EU and the Western line”. “We will do – he explained – everything that needs to be done. We will keep our commitments”.