Bills, stop increases and citizenship income: the 5S Perantoni against Salvini

“A filth”, according to the pentastellato, the Northern League’s proposal

“A rubbish”. Thus the pentastellato exponent Mario Perantoni, chairman of the Justice Committee of the Chamber, comments what Matteo Salvini has announced on the subject of stopping the price increases on electricity and gas bills and Citizenship Income. “It seems that on Tuesday the Lega delegation will ask Draghi to move the resources of the Citizenship Income to block the increases in electricity and gas bills. It is not an economic policy proposal but a way to fuel the war between the poor and to bite people among themselves. I don’t know what to call it, if not filth. Obviously it did not occur to Salvini and his team to propose serious tools to combat tax evasion and thus recover the resources necessary for the country “, affirms the exponent of the M5S.

“Official request from the Draghi League delegation on Tuesday: billions are needed, immediately, to block the increases in electricity and gas bills, the rest can wait. Unthinkable to give 9 billion to too many crafty and tax evaders with Citizenship Income, we help families and businesses that pay double for electricity and gas. And let’s go back to talking about clean, safe and green nuclear power of the latest generation “, the words of the leader of the League.