Binaghi: “International ticket collection 22.5 million, economic impact of half a billion”

“In my opinion, tickets are cheap. Tennis is the ground for fans”

“The receipts from the Internationals ticket office will be around 22.5 million. The economic impact on the territory is 490 million euros, we are talking about almost half a billion euros a year, over 100 million are of fiscal impact for a tournament that does not use a euro of public contribution. With 3200 full-time jobs. We underestimated the event, imagine what will happen in the next few years with normal weather conditions and sporting results consistent with our players”. This was announced by the president of the Fitc Angelo Binaghi in the final press conference of the tennis Internationals of Italy.

“We have broken all the records, but I announce that next year too will be a record edition. From an organizational point of view, I think it’s a passed exam. The interventions on the site have never been done in such a significant way with the new configuration and have been perfectly respected. The new restaurant took on double the workload. There are two new gyms, two new fields, the changing rooms of the swimming pool and I thank Federnuoto and Barelli, and the bridge. Nonetheless we will improve transport, we will do everything thinking about the roof and new covered areas with an ever more extensive use of the area towards the Stadio dei Marmi,” added Binaghi. “We were postponed on the tennis we played, there were good results from old lions like Fognini and Cecchinato, good results from Cobolli and Arnaldi. Too bad for Berrettini’s absence and a bad day for Sinner, they deprived us of a result that could fully reflect the true value of our tennis”.

“In my opinion, tickets to the Internationals are cheap. Tennis for enthusiasts is the ground. As president, with the exception of Berrettini’s, I’ve never seen a Wimbledon final because I’m passionate and I know that real tennis is the ground which in worst-case scenario in Rome it costs 31 euros,” added Binaghi, regarding expensive tickets for this year’s expanded tournament.

“The laws of the market tell us that the price is right and I will continue to manage ticket prices according to market logic. We will not change the prices of the Centrale and I am sure people will still fight to fill the Foro Italico site”, he said added regarding the influx of the Center field. “Anomalous things were happening in the pre-sale that made me understand how the public hadn’t understood the news of this tournament upgrade, continuing to adopt behaviors from previous years”, continued Binaghi.

“We will discuss with Sport and Salute, but my idea is that we will change and we will do like Miami, giving the men’s break on Saturdays, returning to play the men’s semifinals on Fridays”, announced Binaghi who then spoke of the pre-sale for next year he added that “it is absolutely open-box, it will leave within a month and we will not increase ticket prices until December 31st. Rome’s upgrade, which has remained a dream for years, is a reality and can only continue to grow”.