Biodiversity, World Day in Pollica: 1 year of life for the Paideia Campus

The international hub in the province of Salerno dedicated to training, research, experimentation and innovation on the theme of Integral Ecology

On the World Biodiversity Day that occurs today, the Paideia Campus in Pollica (Salerno) blows out its first candle. It is an international center, based in Campania, in the heart of Cilento, dedicated to training, research, experimentation and innovation on the theme of Integral Ecology which sees the concept of the Mediterranean Diet as one of its most concrete manifestations. The project, born from the collaboration between the Municipality of Pollica, the “Angelo Vassallo” Mediterranean Diet Study Center and the Future Food Institute, has transformed Pollica into an experimental laboratory of innovation for agriculture, food and the environment and for the use more sustainable than the Italian territories, villages and inland areas.

“Exactly one year ago, not on a random date, but on World Biodiversity Day, we inaugurated a campus called Paideia. The name already indicates the strategy we wanted to adopt – declares Sara Roversi, president of the Future Food Institute -. The Paideia Campus is the home where to connect the world of innovation and agrifood with our deepest roots, which teach us that perhaps we need to look a little behind us, to those who preceded us, who are already here in Cilento, for 2500 years, it had adopted a model, a lifestyle, an approach, which had put at the center the balance between man and nature, the protection of resources, the protection of the landscape. A lifestyle, the Mediterranean diet, which has certainly become one of the most sustainable and healthiest lifestyles, identified as the healthiest, eco-sustainable diet in the world “.

The Paideia Campus is also the venue where the Eu Agrifood Week of the Italian Representation of the European Commission takes place, ten days of initiatives scheduled until May 29 in Campania. The next initiative that will host the Paideia Campus in Pollica is the New European Bauhaus Festival scheduled from 9 to 11 June.

“These days we are hosting great exponents of the food world from all over Europe”, explains Roversi, who adds: “Here we talk about innovation, strategic measures of agriculture and the role of Europe, and above all we give voice to young people, start-ups, schools that train the professionalism of agrifood, agricultural and hotel institutes, tourism professionals and those involved in sports. We connect all this starting from Campania and Pollica, the capital of the Mediterranean diet “.

“In Pollica – declares the mayor Stefano Pisani – we have given ourselves a very long time, it is no coincidence that the project is called Pollica 2050 to illustrate what we imagine the reality of Pollica to be in 2050. Italy is made up of two pieces: metropolitan areas and territories that have lost pieces, marginal ones, which however have kept resources that are dormant, remained unknown or that we have lost over time. In Pollica we made a commitment: to create a model that could be studied, prototyped and maybe even transferred by others. The model is Pollica 2050. We act by working on the main asset of the whole world, of small and large countries: people. We are implementing useful strategies to find a way to protect biodiversity, to produce food again and in a better way, to find new ways to produce alternative energy, to provide services to citizens. We have put together a series of pieces of a bigger puzzle, which is Pollica 2050, which starts from the use of the resources we have available through the training of new generations and through the transfer of skills, knowledge, culture, from the old to the young. . And we made sure that this identifies new solutions for old problems and finally to have something that has not yet happened in Italy and in the world: to find a way to rebuild countries, points to connect to create the new country “.

“Pollica – explains Valeria Fascione, councilor for Research, Innovation and Startup of the Campania Region – is no longer just a tourist attraction, but also a place for the development of innovation. Having many workshops inside the castle, young people who come here from all over the world for projects and hackathons, having occasions like Agrifood Week, with the European commission that has bet on Pollica, are all confirmations that the message that is passing on Pollica is the right one: a welcoming place of beauty, but also of innovation. And where there is innovation, there is also the regeneration of products and services. Pollica’s story works, here we witness the synthesis between the local and the global, the famous glocal. It is the most interesting starting point for a new identity “.