Biografilm rewards Alba Rohrwacher and closes with Fanny Ardant

From 10 to 20 June in Bologna the review returns with 90 films scheduled in the various sections, proposing training stories, reflecting on the culture of violence, reaffirming lgbtq + rights, deepening the link between cinema and writers and offering sports stories as a vehicle for sociability. And it is also visible throughout Italy from 12 to 22 June on MYmovies

Back with the eighteenth edition in Bologna from 10 to 20 June the Biografilm Festivalproposing training storiesreflecting on the culture of violencereaffirming i lgbtq + rightsdeepening the link between cinema and writers and offering stories of sport as a vehicle for socializing. The Festival – which this year rewards the actress with the Celebration of Lives Awards Alba Rohrwacherthe manufacturer Jeremy Thomas and the directors Diana El Jeiroudi And Orwa Nyrabiaand closes with the presence of Fanny Ardant and the film ‘The young lovers’ of which the French actress is the protagonist – will be visible on MYmovies from 12 to 22 June from all over Italy.

I’m 90 films on the program in the various sections. The International Competition includes the most recent and interesting documentary productions, while the competitive section Biografilm Italy offers the best of unpublished Italian documentaries. Europe beyond the borders is the competitive section that includes European fiction films, with an opening towards the whole world. Contemporary Lives, as always, thanks to the work of European documentary makers, it offers illuminating insights into current events. The section also returns Biografilm Art & Music, with the exciting life stories dedicated to art and music. Furthermore, as already announced, Biografilm 2022 hosts three important tributes: the memory of Gianni Celati poet of the documentary, an Ancarani Marathon with the works of the Italian video artist and director and Cousins: journeys in the great cinema dedicated to the Northern Irish director.

As usual, the Celebration of Lives Awards, the prizes that Biografilm Festival assigns to the great storytellers of our time who have left an important mark on contemporary history with their lives and works. The prize will be awarded to actress Alba Rohrwacher, producer Jeremy Thomas and directors Diana El Jeiroudi and Orwa Nyrabia.

The vast and composite program of Biografilm offers numerous food for thought and different interpretations. Transversely in the various sections, there is a profound and somewhat multifaceted reflection on the implications of systemic violence in people’s lives and in their daily lives, in a journey that reflects on causes and effects, also going to address the sadly current theme of war. From Ukraine to Syria, from Libya to Gaza: personal stories intertwine with broader perspectives and show us the deleterious effects of a culture of hatred and violence, like the scars of an old conflict, the Northern Irish one, told through a Belfast school that uses philosophy as a tool to question the mythology of war and violence, in the Italian premiere documentary ‘Young Plato‘by Neasa Ní Chianáin and Declan McGrath.

But life stories are also opportunities and keys to connect the past and present of a nation in perennial conflict, Syria, in a connection of resilience and memory, personal and collective, in ‘Republic of Silence‘by Diana El Jeiroudi, who will receive the Celebration of Lives award together with her partner and producer Orwa Nyrabia, as well as artistic director of the international documentary festival in Amsterdam, Idfa. Violence and oppression also generate stories of activism through art, as in ‘The Story Won’t Die‘by David Henry Gerson, on a group of Syrian artists and their acts of rebellion against the military regime of Bashar al-Assad, visible in an Italian preview on 20 June on the occasion of the World Refugee Day. In other stories, conflict is the background and the drive to change things, as in ‘Erasmus in Gaza‘where we meet Riccardo, the first Western student in the world to enter the Strip to learn the techniques of the trade from local surgeons. Violence, power and reflections on independence: the gaze of master Sergei Loznitsa in ‘Mr. Landsbergis‘reveals the secret history of Lithuania’s struggle for independence from the Soviet Union.

Then there are stories of lives that testify to the social need to affirm civil rights; stories of diversity, resilience, courage, such as the intimate journey into the gender transition of 4 friends in ‘In my name‘, which after its success at the Berlin Film Festival has its Italian premiere at Biografilm, a film that sees the actor and political activist Elliot Page among the executive producers. The theme of LGBTQ + people’s freedom of expression also returns with the Italian preview of ‘Instructions for Survival‘, while the documentary’Silvia’s game‘, a world premiere, takes us into the world of a sex worker, amidst stereotypes, prejudices and the search for one’s own freedom.

Biografilm 2022 also dedicates a special space to several films on the life of some great contemporary writers with the playlist “Cinema and writersB for Bank, a precious opportunity to discover or rediscover, thanks to the deep and authentic intimacy that the documentary can generate, important literary authors who have left a mark in our society. From the documentary ‘Grossman‘by Adi Arbel, in Italian preview and in collaboration with La Repubblica delle Idee, at’Paul Auster – What If‘, to then move on to the story based on the unpublished diaries of Patricia Highsmith in’Loving Highsmith‘ And ‘Joyce Carol Oates: A Body in the Service of Mind‘, a European premiere.

Another theme that emerges from the program is linked to stories that demonstrate the value of sport as a vehicle for social redemption and a tool for integration and community building. At Biografilm we will discover the story of Manuel Ernesti and his redemption through boxing in ‘Barber Ring‘, in world premiere, but also portraits of everyday heroes, in their imperfect shades, as in the story of the Polish Paralympic champion of alpine skiing in’No Hero at All‘, or in the unpredictable emotional parable of three Afghan girls, aspiring skiers in the Italian preview of’Melting Dreams‘by Haidy Kancler. And finally, among the stories of life and sport, Biografilm will also host two portraits of great athletes who have made the history of our country: Beppe Signori with ‘Offside‘and Ivan Capelli, in the world premiere film,’Natural Born Driver The incredible story of Ivan Capelli‘.

As already announced, Biografilm opens on June 10th ‘The Princess‘by Ed Perkins, documentary dedicated to Lady Diana and built solely from stock images. The festival closes on June 20 with the presence of the wonderful Fanny Ardant who presents the film ‘The young lovers‘, of which he is the protagonist, and meets the Biografilm audience.