Birra Moretti Foundation presents the ‘Responsibility in Education’ initiative

“Responsibility In Education” is an open project that aims to stimulate conscious and positive behaviors regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages, educating the next generations of Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotellerie-restaurant-café) professionals, which in turn will be the first interface with the consumers of the future.

The goal is that professionals from outside the home, already central figures in the places of sociality for taste education, become promoters of a culture of moderate and conscious drinking that belongs to us, and that must be carried forward.

The project, launched in March 2022, was born on the initiative of the Birra Moretti Foundation which, in partnership with ASPI (Italian Professional Sommelier Association) and with the support of the Lombardy Region, is aimed at the 5th grades of hotel schools.

The schools involved are 10 – in Lombardy and Puglia – for a total of about 750 children who participate in the initiative in 2022. The schools selected to participate in the project in this first year are: Iath – International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality – of Cernobbio (CO); Giovanni Falcone Higher Institute of Gallarate (VA); Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange Higher Education Institute of Milan; Castelli Archiepiscopal College (FACEC colleges) of Saronno (VA); College Dancers (FACEC colleges) of Seregno (MB); Olmo Institute of Cornaredo (MI), Paolo Frisi Institute of Milan, Cossa Hospitality Institute of Pavia, Vocational Training Center of the Luigi Clerici Foundation of Pavia, and Ipsseoa of Polignano a Mare (BA).

“In the long term, education can be a very powerful tool, especially if carried out by those who work in the sector, as equals, with fresh and coherent languages. In the first months of experimentation we found a genuine and spontaneous interest in hundreds of students and we decided to continue the path to sensitize the next operators of the out-of-home on the theme of responsible consumption – declared Alfredo Pratolongo, President of the Birra Moretti Foundation – not all of them are aware that Italy is historically the European country with the lowest per capita consumption of alcohol, with consumption prevalent during meals and placed in a general context of moderation, which still today distinguishes our society from other cultures such as those of the center and northern Europe. Obviously, our society, increasingly open and integrated, is also acquiring, albeit to a modest extent, ways of consumption that are not typical of Italian food culture, which must be defended. It is therefore important for us to explain the risks of alcohol abuse to young people who represent the future of the world of Ho.Re.Ca., Where trends are affirmed “.

“The culture of responsible consumption is an integral part of the technical training of professionals in the hospitality sector – said Anita Longo, Director of Iath (International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality) – We decided to be part of this project for the educational value, the quality of research work and the positive contribution to today’s and tomorrow’s society ”.

The program of the “Responsibility in Education” project is structured in two stages: classroom training and online training. In the first phase, there is a moment of education focused on intelligent and moderate consumption: with the support of the teachers of the schools involved and the ASPI partner, students tackle the topic through an active discussion in the classroom. In the second phase, students access a dedicated web platform, where they have access to the contents discussed in the classroom, but also contents of beer culture and training contents to develop their managerial skills. In 2023, a series of podcasts will be available for students who have participated in classroom lessons with insights into the topics addressed in class and stories of real experiences on the relationship with alcohol. The goal is to continue a direct and continuous dialogue with the children, to give them support in a path of awareness, through the comparison on personal stories and as equals.

The project will evolve over the years involving more and more schools and students, expanding into new regions. Institutions wishing to join can register by filling out the form at the following link: Responsibility in education – Fondazione Birra Moretti.

The timing of the initiative is perfect, as being away from home is starting to be relevant again for young people, as a workplace and as a professional destination. This is also highlighted by the latest study by ‘Osservatorio Birra’ which collected the testimonies of 200 managers and owners of public establishments. According to the report’s data, Ho.Re.Ca. has started to invest again and 44% of the places outside the home (restaurants, pizzerias, bars, pubs, other clubs) are looking for staff. 8 out of 10 have difficulty in finding the right candidates, but those who manage to find them are satisfied (49.5%). And almost all (86.5%) positively evaluate the training courses in hotel schools dedicated to moderate and responsible consumption.

Beer is the lightest of alcoholic beverages and also has a rich choice of non-alcoholic variants that have greatly improved in taste in recent years thanks to research and refinement of production processes. This makes possible a growing commitment to promoting moderate and responsible drinking. More generally, the Birra Moretti Foundation aims to improve the knowledge of beer in Italy, through the dissemination of the culture of beer at the table, working on the factors that generate a positive impact on the cultural, economic and social life of our country. Responsible consumption is a cornerstone of the mission of the Birra Moretti Foundation which is embodied in the desire to increase the culture of beer in Italy; spread the culture of beer at the table, in line with the Italian food style; encourage the promotion of intelligent and moderate beer consumption; to encourage employment in the beer sector, in the supply chain and in the related industries and finally to position beer in a positive context linked to conviviality and sociality.