Birra Peroni, CEO Galasso: “Innovation and leadership to always look to the future”

“Leaving our employees and consumers with a better company, oriented towards the future, capable of innovating over time, of creating connections in the Italian supply chain and of always being a leader”. With Adnkronos/Labitalia, Enrico Galasso, president and CEO of Birra Peroni since 2019, summarizes the legacy that together the current Birra Peroni employees hope to leave to the next generations in the company, on the occasion of the publication of ‘For i next 175 years. Peroni beer, a ‘tradition of the future’. (Video)

A volume that contains what has been done but above all what we still want to achieve. “The company – states Galasso – has changed, it looks to the future and the imprint it wants to leave. The approach we used and which we describe in the book is what we call the ‘5 P’: 1. Purpose, which for we means creating valuable connections to have a positive impact on the planet and society; 2. People, or our desire to create an inclusive and horizontal environment; 3. Planet, which for us means eliminating our impact on the planet. And again: 4. Portfolio, i.e. the premiumisation of our offer to the market which involved historic brands and innovations”. Finally, 5. Profit. “For us – explains Galasso – it is no coincidence that it is the last, because to build a sustainable business from an environmental and financial point of view, profit for us is the consequence of having done very well in other areas, because profit , also from the point of view of the ability to invest, must be made available to the company’s vision. Profit for us is linked to the creation of value.”

Galasso then analyzes what the current market is. “We are moving towards more premium consumption. This means being able to consume less but of quality, also thanks to the input of craft breweries who have added value to beer”. Furthermore, he continues, “there are trends that are very important and not belong only to beer, such as the world of well-being and responsible consumption”. And in this context, investments in non-alcoholic beers become central: “Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0 is growing with great strength and is our ‘hero’ product for what concerns our sponsorships, primarily the one with Scuderia Ferrari that we recently announced.”

Another important trend is that of regional beers in which the company is investing with Raffo. “The latest initiative, the developments of which – Galasso points out – will be announced in the coming weeks, gives us the opportunity to tell what the world and culture of Puglia is, which is profound from the point of view of its stories, origins, territory which we also find in the ingredients. Raffo will represent this territorial element, but in an absolutely distinctive way compared to the current offering of beer which is light and knows how to tell the story of the territory.”

The company’s approach in this evolution process is clear: it aims for excellence. “For us, excellence does not mean perfection. When we talk about excellence, we first mean knowing how to learn from mistakes, using the past as an ability to identify those critical issues which, if resolved, will allow us to be better. We use a concept in Birra Peroni: either you win or you learn,” he underlines. “Another element that is important for us – continues Galasso – is having an approach to victory, as a leader who does not stop at the problem”.

“Each of us – adds the manager – must be focused on doing our best in our area of ​​expertise, connecting with others to try to optimize all processes. Everyone must have this sense of accountability in bringing the result without being distracted by what may be external causes. This is the concept of excellence.”

Another important concept is that of horizontal leadership. “This is a company that wants to be inclusive and horizontal but not out of simple mannerism. The context in which we live presents us with many challenges, great volatility, a market that changes at every moment. The idea is no longer realistic to have a single man or woman in command, able to create the path and give directives to the entire company”.

“The best way – says Galasso – to be ready to manage the present and the future is to give everyone in the company this ability to be our eyes and ears on the market, to have the ability to bring ideas that help the company to improve from the point of view of the development of consumption, but at the same time perhaps also to reduce costs. A very important aspect for us is to create a context in which all our people can express themselves, grow and contribute to making better decisions”.

“My best hope – he continues – is that I, and my team, become a bit useless for the organization, because the organization alone is able to grasp the ideas, find the strategies and guide the execution. If I had to think about it in five or six years I would like to think of a company whose product portfolio was in line with what we expect, therefore more ‘premium’, in which our people are able to grow and maintain this lightness, this desire for contribute which is truly unique to Birra Peroni”, he concludes.