Bitter Sweet, the actor who plays Demir years later, is no longer as we have seen him

We saw the actor in Bitter Sweet where he played Demir: today after a few years he is no longer like in the series.

Bitter Sweet is a Turkish television series which has had impressive success in all the countries where it has been broadcast. At the center of the plot is the love between Nazli and Ferit Aslan. She is a university student who dreams of opening her own restaurant, while the man is an entrepreneur who runs Pusula Holding.

Bitter Sweet, Demir (credits: youtube)

They meet by chance, when Ferit’s secretary hires her as the man’s personal chef since he was looking for one. They fall in love but Nazli walks away. The reason is to be connected to her sister. She had snuck into Ferit’s house to get some documents dealing with the custody of Bulut, the man’s nephew, to give them to Demet and Hakan.

When Nazli finds out, she has a hard time telling her beloved and for this she moves away from him, pretending not to feel love. The character in the picture is Demir, in the series he plays the role of the child’s father. Together with his wife Zeynep he dies in a car accident. In reality the motive for their death is Hakan, but it will only be discovered at the end. The couple’s son manages to save himself but there is nothing for them to do. Demir, like Zeynep herself, was not present for long on Bitter Sweet, we only saw him in the very first few episodes before her disappearance. After a few years, have you seen what the actor is like today?

Bitter Sweet, remember Demir? Here is how the actor is today after many years

In Bitter Sweet Demir and Zeynep they are two characters that we followed in the very first episodes and then never see them again. In fact, they die in a car accident whose motive is Hakan. The truth will only come out at the end of the series.

The couple have a son, Bulut. They meet for dinner with Nazli and Ferit to end the evening at Deniz’s house, the other brother. Unfortunately, when the family leaves, they lose their lives in a tragic accident and the only one to be saved is the little one. Then begins a legal battle for the custody of the child that will accompany the whole plot until the end. Demir is a character that we only saw in the first few episodes and the same must be said for Zeynep. After a few years have you ever had the curiosity to see what the actor is like today? Here is a social shot of him.

Bitter sweet demir
Bitter Sweet, actor (credits: instagram)

Bulut’s father in the Turkish series was played by Mert Yavuzcan. Sifting through his instagram profile we recovered this photo of the month of April. It’s been more than 5 years since we last saw it and today it looks very different. The look is not the same but so is the hairstyle. The actor has grown his hair and it is now much longer: so would you have recognized him?