Bizzarri (Gucci ‘to Bologna Business School graduates: “Know how to recognize opportunities”

The president and CEO of Gucci, Marco Bizzarri, gave the Commencement Speech for the Graduation Master Class 2022 of the Bologna Business School. The appointment in Piazza Maggiore involved over 800 students of the University Masters and Executive Masters of Bologna Business School. “I am particularly excited today to be in front of all of you, here in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, a city that has trained me professionally for 18 years” began Bizzarri, addressing the recent graduates. Today I will tell you the story “of a boy, born in a modest family, in Rubiera, a town of 10,000 inhabitants 50 kilometers from here, home of tiles and Lambrusco which has become CEO of the most famous Italian brand in the world ”.

Perseverance, humility, inclusiveness, constant research, are some of the messages that Bizzarri exemplified by retracing the stages of his career from Arthur Andersen to the top of Gucci. “Always try to understand where you are (…). Know how to recognize the opportunities and when you can, return what you have received “is the invitation that Bizzarri returns to future managers, reassuring them that” I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up “but” I don’t think it is so true to think that to arrive somewhere you need to know your destination in advance ”.

An invitation to always be open and receptive, which Bizzarri underlines by telling how the foreign experience and contact with different cultures have had a notable impact on his path. A path, in which he reassures “you never feel ready” for the news that life puts in front of you, but adds “this sense of inadequacy that I am talking about, however, should not preclude you from accepting new challenges. (…) I was very lucky in my life, because I found people who believed in me, who pushed me to do more and better ”.

In concluding, Bizzarri addresses a wish to young people “if it is possible for you to be close to people who love you, who want the best for you” and adds: mine is “a journey that I have made together with many people who have believed in me and in Gucci’s dream and they lived and felt it as Alessandro and I did. In 8 years we have almost tripled the turnover and we have gone from 10 thousand to more than 20 thousand employees all over the world, with a unique positioning in the world of fashion. And I’m sure the future will still have a lot to surprise us about ”.