Bizzarri: “Politics considers comedian opponents, no satire program on Rai”

“Indignations last an average of 24 hours: every three days there is one, they don’t have much value”

“What makes me laugh the most is that politics considers comedians as opponents. If you make a joke about Gasparri you are a communist, while if you make a joke about Schlein you are a fascist. Because there’s a basic ignorance that doesn’t allow you to understand the difference between someone who does my job and someone who holds the office of senator. Unfortunately there are senators who would like to be comedians and there is a comedian who has become involved in politics: all this has created an unease and a mixture of things that should remain well separated. There should be an insurmountable furrow between politics and satire”. This was underlined by Luca Bizzarri, who is on tour these days with a monologue that revisits the success of the podcast ‘NonHannoUnAmico’, interviewed by Massimo Balsamo today on the pages of ‘La Ragione’.

Far from being frightened by political correctness, Bizzarri says: “Indignations last an average of 24 hours: there is one every three days, they don’t have much value”.

On Rai and the incursions of politics: “Trivially, a program on Rai2 that was doing very well, ‘Quelli che dopo il tg’, was closed to us to replace it with another one that gets half of its ratings. But I didn’t complain about it at the time and I’m not complaining about it now, it fits. Unfortunately, politics on public television has weight and the result is that today’s Rai doesn’t even have a political satire programme. It’s sad, especially since public television was the cradle of political satire programs. I am not referring to who is in government now – this is about the last ten years – but unfortunately politics has become allergic to satire. Although my fear is that these politicians just don’t get it, which is much worse.”

On the ten-year partnership with his colleague Paolo Kessisoglu: “We have created good things and bad things, but that is normal, especially if there are so many. What pleases me most is that I managed to touch all areas of my profession: the dubbing of cartoons, the Sanremo Festival, political satire, the football programme, prime time Rai1. And that’s one of the reasons Paul and I have lasted so long.”