Björk and Rosalía, released the video clip for oral, the song to save Icelandic salmon

Björk and Rosalía together with the single oral to support the battle against intensive Icelandic salmon farming. The Scandinavian artist published the song written twenty-five years ago, alongside her the Spanish singer who has embraced the project’s charitable cause.

björk and rosalía, the song is out oral

Twenty-five years after its recording, Björk has released oral calling Rosalía, one of the most popular singers on the recording scene of the moment, to his side. The two artists duetted on the notes of the song, the proceeds of which will be donated to the non-profit organization AEGIS engaged in the battle to stop salmon farmers in Iceland.

Rosalia (PHOTO) and his team immediately embraced the cause by taking part in the song, whose vocals by Hidden Place distributed the official video clip on YouTube.

Bjork (PHOTO) said: “The profits will contribute to the stop to fish farms in Iceland. This is an old song of mine that I wrote and composed twenty-five years ago inspired by type dancehall, the grandmother of reggaeton. Rosalía’s experiments with this genre and her incredible voice made her an obvious guest for the song”.

The artist added: “I am honored that she has accepted and that she and her team will donate their work and profits to this fight. I think in some way it’s an elegant resonance that our voices are the same age in the recording”.